Other Colormusing Blogs

BIG NEWS: As of October 2015, everything I’m working on, from color palettes to lingerie to blogs, is all combined and connected under one name: Colormusing. While there is a blog on the CM site, I’m still maintaining the blogs I’ve been working on since way before this big change, and these are listed below. (You’ll also find that the CM blog frequently links to stories and tutorials on these blogs— everything’s connected! Great, now I can’t get the song, “The Circle of Life” out of my head…)

Here are links to my other WordPress blogs. I’d love to have you visit!

New in 2018: LindysPortfolio! I’m honestly not sure if I’ll ever finish adding my diverse array of projects, but at least it’s a start!

Lindy's Portfolio blog header

New in 2016: SewColormusing! This is more general sewing, including sew-alongs, my own techniques and projects, workshop follow-ups, and more!SewColormusing blog

A Musing: The Official Colormusing Blog (color, photography & photo/graphic design, tutorials)

A Musing blog


Changing Your Clothes (making the most of your clothes: fashion, wardrobe planning, sewing, repairing, knitting, shopping, upcycling, occasional tutorials and essays)

Changing Your Clothes blog