About MyBratelier

Sunday, 1 March 2015: I made my very first bra!

Tuesday: Posted a photo of my first bra online, gaining more responses than virtually anything I’ve ever publicized.

Thursday: Started this blog!

It only took a little searching to discover that bra-making is currently popular world-wide, and gaining momentum even as I type (did you know there’s a Bra-Maker’s Cruise that’s coming up on its third year??). So I’d like to explore not just the nuts-and-bolts of the actual making of bras and other lingerie, but also check in now and then with the wide world of bra-making outside of this blog. We can all benefit, in ideas, advice, instruction, and inspiration, from this growing trend.

 About me: I’ve been sewing ever since I was a little girl; I’m very experienced in garment-making (I make more than 50% of my own clothes), but I was still strangely intimidated by the idea of making my own underthings. With the help of a well-designed pattern and instructional book, I dug into my considerable stash of silk and lace fabric scraps, bought some notions, and finally got started. I’m hoping that the stories of my adventures in lingerie-land will encourage you to take that leap too!

Update (29 June 2015):

In addition to this blog growing almost faster than my handmade lingerie collection, I’m now selling kits to make many of the pieces you see here on my blog! In every listing, you’ll find links back to myBratelier tutorials that are specific to that bra or panty— so helpful, especially since I’m often changing details when I’m making these pieces.

Each kit contains all fabrics, elastics, laces, and notions to make the bra or panty shown; in some cases, I’ve hand-dyed materials included in kits. PLEASE NOTE: Kits do not include patterns or underwires.

Click here to visit theBratelier on Etsy! And thank you all for your enthusiastic response to myBratelier!


10 thoughts on “About MyBratelier

  1. Lindy, this is a great tutorial. But I would give my right arm (well, maybe not) to see you do a quick tutorial on how to properly pin, stretch and sew an enclosed seam with the crotch pieces, particularly those in most Kwik Sew panty patterns, where you have to sew an inside curve to an outside curve. There must be a technique! Thank you for considering.

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  2. it seems your shop is no longer on Etsy? is there anyway I can still buy/ get your pattern for the lace thong? its EXACTLY what I’m looking for to recreate my favourite pair 🙂


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