Free Color Palettes: What’s the Catch?

Wondering if/why to use Colormusing’s color palettes in your lingerie projects?

Yes, color-loving folks, I’m going to let you in on a secret: The color palettes you see in the new Colormusing shop are actually available to you for free. When I create them I usually start on one of my favorite websites, (You’ll find me there as — what else? — Colormusing.)

At ColourLovers, you’re able to download palettes, individual colors, and more, for your own use. Free.

Carmel Blue Fuchsia palette at ColourLovers Carmel Blue Fuchsia palette (by colormusing), free at ColourLovers. (Click the palette to see it at ColourLovers.)

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3 thoughts on “Free Color Palettes: What’s the Catch?

  1. Oh Lindy: the muted tones of blue to symbolize discretion. Fuchsia to symbolize the exaltation and hedonism. It is a cocktail with a good taste: intimacy and seduction. Perfect for lingerie. Congratulations on your successful combination. ❤

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