All the Pretty Pieces, Postscript: Dyed to Match

Yesterday, I dyed some bra notions (plus possible panty fabrics) in various shades of blue and green, to coordinate with the printed silk I’d chosen for my second bra project. Personally, I think that using this related-but-not-necessarily-matching approach really helps all the colors blend with the sort of watercolor-y abstractness of the print:

Dyed pieces with print fabric
Using several shades of blue and green helps all these parts blend with the print of my silk fabric (1). 2. Stretch lace fabric. 3. Bra straps. 4. Channeling. 5. Back closure. 6. Panty Spandex.

If I’d chosen just one solid color for the coordinating bits, I would have had to work harder at making that color “match” one color in the print.

And then I got to thinking…

What if I actually did want everything to be all one color?

So I took small pieces of these undyed materials…

Undyed materials
1. Stretch lace fabric. 2. Channeling. 3. Back closure for bra. 4. Dotted stretch mesh fabric. 5. Panty Spandex. 6. Stretch lace trim.

… and dyed them all in the same fuchsia dye bath*. And got some interesting results:

Pieces dyed with the same color
1. Like the turquoise version (see 2 in the photo at top of this post), the stretch lace fabric retained the white flower outlines. 2. Curiously, on this bra back closure, the hooks and eyes took on a pink tint, while the elastic stayed white. But if you stretch that elastic out, there are strands inside that are bright fuchsia! Also note that the stitching stayed white— this is most likely sewn with polyester thread. 3. Semi-sheer dotted stretch mesh. 4. Underwire channeling, also with stitching that stayed white. 5. Panty Spandex. 6. Stretch lace trim. (This is the same lace that forms the upper cups of my first bra!)

As you can see in this photo, the various pieces each absorbed the dye a little differently. This is primarily due to varying fiber content; 3, 4, and 6 are 100% nylon, 1 is 80% nylon/20% rayon (the rayon being the part that stayed white), 2 is nylon except for the elastic that stayed white, and 5 is 80% nylon/20% Spandex.

Conclusion: These pieces are close enough in color to be used together, without looking like I tried to match them but didn’t quite make it happen. (I’m sure you know what I mean.)

These experimental pieces are a bit too small to incorporate into a bra, except for the back closure, which I fully intend to use. I’m a big fan of having an element of surprise in garments (fashion should be fun, after all), so I’m thinking of making a bra in something other than fuchsia, and finishing it with this bright back closure as a cheeky contrast. It could look amazing on an all-black bra…

Next up: Yes, I’m finally going to start making my second bra!


*These pieces were dyed with an acid dye; see Notes at the end of my previous dyeing post for more information and links about dyeing.

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